The Old Fishing Station has formally been known as Kirkside Bothy. The neighbouring area including the cemetery Nether Kirkyard has been known to date back to 1242 and is home to the burial site of the locally known poet George Beattie.

The Old Fishing Station was thought to be built in the early 1800’s and was then situated next at the mouth of the North Esk river until a storm in 1879. The storm flooded the area and changed the direction of the river to go out to the south. It was an ideal location for the local fisherman who used it to store fish, their nets and as accommodation. The Ice House next door was used as storage for the ice. It was run as a Fishing Station until the 1990’s when it was then converted to a family home.

The St Cyrus National Reserve runs adjacent to The Old Fishing Station spans over an area of 92ha and was established as a Nature Reserve in 1962. It welcomes visitors all year around and often hosts events.